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Column, lattice substations



Column and lattice substations are the cheapest types of substations. They are suitable for the connection to the disengaged line outside built-in areas. They are the standard part of the distribution network of all distribution companies, in the consumer version they provide electrical energy supply to many companies in the Czech Republic.

The advantage of column substations is their low purchase price and quick construction. Their disadvantage is their limited use of technologies, the exposure of technology to the weather, safety and environmental risks – when the transformer tightness is damaged, soil can be contaminated, there is a risk that the live equipment will be touched (for example by children playing). Column substations require more frequent and thus also more expensive service.



EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. builds one and two-column substations.

Their construction is very quick, it takes just several days. Technology is prepared in advance in the assembly hall. A pit for the column to be set in concrete is dug at the intended place. The column is fixed with brackets with the use of a common crane. After it is set in concrete, the transformer, lv distributor and hv technology are set as well. After the technological parts are interconnected, the substation is connected to the distribution network after a revision.

The construction of a substation takes just several days.

During the construction of column substations, the assembly crew of EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. uses its own truck Renault Midlum with a handling cage for works in the height, a mobile crane AD 20 and a mobile assembly workshop.


Service + revision

From the service point of view, column substations are the most demanding type of substations. Technological equipment of column substations is permanently exposed to the weather. That’s why there is a higher risk of damages and failures. Major damages can occur – oil leakage etc.

EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. recommends regular service inspections once in year as a good prevention. Thanks to them it is possible to preclude the risks and prevent larger damages.

A regular service inspection includes a visual check of the substation focused mainly on the building-technical condition of its building part, technology condition, oil leakage, contamination etc. Eventually found faults are removed immediately or an appropriate major repair is arranged.

The ČSN 33 15 00 standard requires regular revisions for column and lattice substations after each four years of operation. EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. makes regular revision of all kinds of brick substations.

Every revision is followed by a revision report and a protocol on the acts made with test certificates enclosed (measurements, oil tests etc.).



Because of their characteristics, column substations are the most frequently repaired types of substations. EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. makes all repairs of column substations from the diagnostics, through the repair up to the new setting in operation.

If it is possible to provide a supply from another source, a standard repair is made. A service team diagnoses the fault. They remove the constructional and minor technological faults at place, technological equipment with major damages will be delivered for a workshop repair at the premises of EEIKA Brno, s.r.o.


Emergency repair with a replacement

An emergency repair with a replacement is suitable upon technological equipment faults – mainly if it is necessary to restore the energy supply immediately.

The damaged equipment is replaced immediately with a new one with appropriate parameters and the energy supply is restored.

The equipment is repaired in a workshop and either installed back or the company EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. buys it.

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