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Brick substations

Brick substations are ones of the conventional types of substations. They can be independent or built-in. In the first case, the building part creates an independent building specified just for the location and operation of the substation technological equipment (tower, ground and underground substations).

In the second case, the substation is a part of a larger building unit – for example, a production hall, administration building or a sports hall.

Substations have usually an inner operation; transformers, hv and lv technology is accessible from outside through a door. The inner organization is given by the substation type, the technology and by the object spatial layout, mainly for the built-in substations. Individual technological parts are separated with a brick barrier, a fence; the entrance can be replaced with a wire gate etc.

The advantage of brick substations is that they can be equipped with any amount of technology, they are variable and safe – the technology is closed inside and is not accessible, that’s why the risk of injury is lower.

Their big disadvantage is the time of construction and the limited period of implementation with regard to the season.


Construction of brick substations

EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. implements the construction of built-in brick substations at places where they can bring considerable financial saving (for example as a part of current industrial objects) or at places where it is not possible to set a new kiosk substation (historical parts of towns etc.).

For built-in brick substations, EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. makes complete supplies including building adjustments – building of independent entries, space division, creation of elements of protection etc. The supply includes also eventual soiling.

First building adjustments and adaptation of the space for the technological equipment placement are made. After that, all technological equipment prepared in the assembly hall in advance is installed into the substation. Their setting and interconnection is done within several days.

 The time of a built-in substation construction depends on the extend and characteristics of building adjustments.


Service + revision

The building part is the most sensitive part of brick substations (mainly the old ones). Because of the weather conditions, it can be damaged with the impact on the technological equipment operation (in-leaking, mechanical parts out-dropping, etc.) It is possible to reduce the risk and prevent major damages through a regular service.

EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. recommends to make a service inspection mainly at older substations once in a year. The aim of a regular service inspection is to find out the substation condition and to secure its problem-free operation in the interval between periodical revisions.

Within a periodical service inspection, the control of the building-technical condition of the building part, the technology condition, oil leakage, contamination, etc. is done. Eventually found faults are removed immediately or an appropriate major repair is arranged.

The ČSN 33 15 00 standard requires regular revisions for brick substations after each five years of operation. EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. makes regular revision of all kinds of brick substations.

Every revision is followed by a revision report and a protocol on the acts made with test certificates enclosed (measurements, oil tests etc.).



EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. makes all repairs of brick substations from the diagnostics, through the repair up to the new setting in operation.

If it is possible to provide a supply from another source, a standard repair is made. A service team diagnoses the fault. They remove the constructional and minor technological faults at place, technological equipment with major damages will be delivered for a workshop repair at the premises of EEIKA Brno, s.r.o.


Emergency repair with a replacement

An emergency repair with a replacement is suitable upon technological equipment faults – mainly if it is necessary to restore the energy supply immediately.

The damaged equipment is replaced immediately with a new one with appropriate parametes and the energy supply is restored.

The equipment is repaired in a workshop and either installed back or the company EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. buys it with a contra value.

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