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Substations for photovoltaic power plant Havřice

Connection of the Havřice photovoltaic power plant to the distribution network

Execution with the usage of atypical transformers. On the 13 January 2011, PET® SESTAVA 1000x300v and PET® MAXI 703v substations were put into operation. The substations are intended for the connection of the photovoltaic power plant in Havřice to the distribution network.

Both of the kiosk substation were carried to the location on the 15 November 2010. Subsequently the installation work, transformers setting, connection of the hv and lv cables for the groundwork, etc. were executed.

The TS1 - PET® SESTAVA 1000x300v substation, which consists of two PET® 503scaffolds, is set with an oil sealed transformer with the power of 1000 kVA, Siemens 8DH10 hv distributor, RH 1.1, RH 1.2, and RH 1.3 lv distributors, a MS 2.220 metering cabinet MS 2.220 and a ANM back-up power supply.

TS2 - PET® MAXI 703v is set with an oil sealed transformer with the power of 630 kVA, SIEMENS 8DJ20/02 hv distributor and RH 2.1 and RH 2.2 lv distributors.

Atypical transformers with the voltage ratio 22/0,28 with more windings on the lv side connected to the separate lv distributors were used in both of the substations. In the PET® SESTAVA 1000x300v substation, there are three windings on the lv side and two of them in the PET® MAXI 703v substation.

  • ISO 9001:2001

    On the 5th of February 2018, EEIKA Brno, s.r.o. passed the recertification of quality management ISO 9001:2001. The valid certificate is available in the „Download“ section.


    PET® kiosk substations satisfy the ČSN EN 62271-202 standard. In 2009, the passed type tests in the high power laboratory Zkratovna Zkušebnictví, a.s. in Praha-Běchovice.

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